Thursday, 2 September 2010

HT Moto Cafe Racer

HT Moto Cafe Racer
After a lot of research about my beloved Guzzi's I found the web site of HT Moto.
The beautiful Cafe Racers created by Hartmut are simply stunning and he has a great eye for detail.
His son has also been very successful in racing Guzzis in a Clasic series in Germany where he is usually in the lead !
The development of the race bikes obviously transfers into the services Hartmut can offer his customers and a quick look at his site will show this.
Lots of great parts available too.


  1. I visited Hartmut this summer while touring Germany on holiday.
    He really is a great guy and one of the most knowledgeable Guzzi guys on the planet !
    he took the time to show me his workshop and private collection of bikes and some of the work I saw and the ideas he has to modify guzzis put the factory itself to shame.
    For example he even showed me a slipper clutch he developed for racing Guzzis, but it cost too much to produce to sell.
    Hartmut also mentioned he is thinking of retirement in the next few years which will be a great shame to anyone involved in the Guzzi world.
    Its hard to estimate the knowledge this guy has about Guzzis and how to modify and improve them he really is a gold mine of information.
    If you want anything guzzi, this is your man, yu wont be disappointed.

  2. In addition to above I wanted to mention that a number of bikes (Guzzi cafe racers) have been in the press recently built by a German company called 'kaffeemaschine'
    I found out n my trip to see Hartmut that he supplies all the parts for these bikes, tanks seats, exhausts etc etc etc etc , so if you really want the real thing and want to know where the parts actually come from , now you know !!
    go to the man himself at HT Moto and ask for Hartmutt, (tell him Nick from the UK sent you )

  3. Dear Nick,

    I´d be very disappointed, if Hartmut said that himself- I always mention if and what has been done by him on my bikes (e.g. tuning on all high performance engines incl. exhaust).
    Looking at my bikes, you´ll see that most of the handcrafted aluminum parts are NOT from Hartmut, except for the fibre glass seats and the tank on machine6.
    I think you should know best, that a bike build like that requires more than buying a seat.

    Best regards,
    Axel (Kaffeemaschine)

  4. Hi Axel.
    Don't get me wrong . I admire your work very much and I think you have a very good 'eye' for a good looking bike and yes I am fully aware that to complete a good looking cafe racer is much more than a few body parts or exhaust system. But I am sure you would agree that his parts do make a considerable contribution to a bikes overall look.

    However, I am aware that Hartmutt has been working in the industry for a very long time and is highly regarded as someone that has innovated and produced many products and brought them to market for us fellow guzzi enthusiasts.
    I just think that he deserves all the credit for work he does.