Monday, 2 May 2011

Latest updates 2011

New gearbox mounting plate and battery tray made to match the new genesis battery, (thanks to Richard Bailey at B&B engineering , Hitchin) Just had to modify it slightly to clear the speedo drive cable. Also you can see the Venhill braided brake pipes now all the brakes have been plumbed in (just need bleeding). 

This pic shows the new Genesis Battery in place (just needs tie strap) and the modified gear-change lever that now clears the frame when changing gears ! and slightly lengthened gearbox linkage to suit. Fingers crossed it all works on the open road ok ???

The fidley bits !!!! taken ages to get the dash configured to fit well and work ! It uses a 3mm Ali plate as the main mounting bolted to the top yoke. You can also see the Venhill front brake pipes joining the new Brembo master cyl.

More electric bits, mounting of the coils (Dyna , thanks Andrew !) and a new voltage rectifier and regulator unit. Also the breather pipes joined up to feed the new under seat breather box.

Top view of the dash as it is so far (thinking of changing the idiot lights as shown) a Mk3 Tacho (thanks John) and a le mans speedo, both having been refurbished dials. also the Original Mk2 le mans yokes have been stripped of their handelbar mounts and re painted (top yoke nut in stainless is coming shortly.

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