Saturday, 4 September 2010

Floating rear brake

The floating rear brake i wanted to get sorted for the back end of the bike proved to be more of a problem than it looks. 
The axle shaft on a Guzzi goes through from the brake side and needs to go through the Diff / rear drive box enough to locate the axle nut fully. It took a lot of measurement and attempts to work out that what was needed was to reduce the bearing carrier by 5mm and this allowed the whole set up to work and clear everything as it should. 
I really like the look of this now and it is so much neater and considerably lighter than the original set up. The brake system is now fully De-Linked and the rear brake is now fully independent of the front (original Guzzis have linked brakes with one front disc and the rear operating together).
You can also see here the lovely wire wheels that were put together by Terry which are new Morad flanged alloy rims mated to stainless spokes laced to the original Guzzi Hubs.
The wheels have  Aqua-blasted hubs and discs before assembly which gives a virtually new finish to  the alloy parts. Finally got there !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Can you tell me which caliper carrier you used for the floating rear brake mod?
    Ken Webster