Saturday, 28 April 2012

Well its April 2012 and today has just seen the 20,000th visitor to the GuzziCafe blog site, thanks to everyone that's taken the time to have a look and the kind comments, hope the blog has been useful to other cafe builders and as so many new bikes keep appearing on the web these days, there is no doubt that the Cafe scene is alive and well.
The bike has now covered over 1200 fault free miles and has been great fun to ride.
heres a few of the other Cafe Guzzis that have appeared recently on the web.



  1. whats the next build gonna be???......

    hope your well.

  2. Hi Matt,
    thanks, have collected some parts for the next build and the next one wont be as conventional as this one, I would like to still base it on a Guzzi, as i know them so well, but bring in some unusual features, bodywork etc
    I have been looking at Ducati 916 front fairing and front end as a possibility ?
    otherwise more of a shinya Kimura, steampunk style, I love that guys work !
    how about you ? whats in the garage ?