Friday, 26 August 2011

Motor Cycle News

Well a nice surprise happened this week.
A few weeks ago I had entered the bike in the Carol Nash bike competition "Britains got biking talent" and have been shortlisted to the final 50 bikes.
Later in the same week I was contacted by Motorcycle News and they wanted me to take the bike up the their hed office for a photo shoot.
So they picked me and the bike up on Thursday and spent the afternoon watching the bike lit up in a real studio. The lights and setting really make it look amazing, but I havent seen the finished results yet.

So after speaking to the editor about the bike, it appeared that about 8 bikes have been chosen by them to feature in the paper over the next two weeks, so look out for the pics in MCN in the next 2 weeks.

If your into the bike and would like to vote  :)
then this is the link to the competition site.

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