Sunday, 12 June 2011


After a very long journey, the bike is now complete, running and ready to ride , at last !!
Heres a few pics from yesterday of the completed bike, unfortunately it was a crap day and raining at the time so will post some better shots when i get the bike out in the open over the next few weeks.

So far I have just test ridden the bike in a car park, all seems well and will be going to get a MOT test next week so I can legally try it on the road for some shakedown runs and fine tuning to get everything set up.
The exhaust sounds great (will try and upload a video so you can hear it !)

Last week Ihad the bike running for the first time.
An old mate came over to help (thanks Jez)
We were old Guzzi buddies from years ago when I had a Mk1 Lemans and Jez owned a Mk3 Le Mans, that we both went to the Isle of Man together on, great days from 27 years ago.
so it was quite a fitting end to the project that he was helping me get the Guzzi started for the first time.
Apart from having to swap the coil leads over, it pretty much started first time and sounded great.

I have tried through the Blog to thank all the people that helped provide parts and services for the bike with links to their companies.
But one last mention is to probably my oldest mate Haydn from HWR Automotive, 45 Luton Road Chalton. Bedfordshire LU4 9UJ. Phone number: 01525 877 769 ....Mobile- 07740862727
Hayden sprayed all the bodywork , but was also great in modifying little brackets to help fit things together


  1. well i think it came up fantastic. nice one just to enjoy it riding.......hope you post some riding shots...or a movie....


  2. thanks Matt, yes hopefully I will enjoy riding it more than the build (which gets very frustrating at times) and really looking forward to that.
    and yes the idea of a video to put up on You tube is on the cards (as long as i can sort the tech to do it)

  3. Hi Nick, well done, looks great, hope it rides as it looks, you must be very happy with the result - I know how hard it is to get these bikes finished, I'm way way way behind. We'll have to look at putting it in the mag at some point in the future? Hope to meet soon, maybe at the V Twin?