Monday, 30 May 2011

Latest update, nearly there !!

The wiring has all been completed (thanks Phil in Baldock !) beautiful neat job, many thanks.
Lights working, ignition sparking !! 

 Final assembly can at last begin and started with bleeding the brakes to get the stoppers working, all seems OK with the new separate system, have to see how it behaves on the road.
 fitted the new Maxton rear shocks.

I have tried wherever possible to source materials and suppliers from the UK and Maxton make an excellent quality shock. They also uprate fork internals too (maybe next year).

The new dash was more of a problem than it looks, but I think it works well now. I wanted to retain as many Le mans features as possible and the Mk3 tacho looks great.
The whole bike is really coming together now , just the carbs and throttle connections to sort and its ready for its first start !!

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